About Us

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Ascot Hospitality was founded in 1995 and has over a decade and a half of experience in the hospitality and real estate sector. Our dedicated team of experts have been key in the flowering of our successful business ventures. Now, Ascot Hospitality has projects across real estate, hospitality and wayside amenities under the flagship brand of Savoy. We plan to grow and spread across more destinations as the apex of Indian hospitality.

Corporate Vision

Purpose that drives us forward – the what, why, and where form a core consideration for everything we do. And everything we do is calibrated through the lens of modernity; in thought and action. In this ever-changing hospitality landscape, the needs of the future mark our today so we can serve our patrons with carefully curated experiences. This consciousness, of people, places and performance helps us meet our expectations and exceed yours – with mindfulness.

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Chairman's Message

Mr. Vikram Bakshi 2

Welcome to the world of Ascot Hospitality!

At Ascot, we are deeply thankful for all the support our patrons continue to provide us in our actions. This realization helps us move forward with a vision for the future – to make things better for everyone in the user journey. For me and my team, progress echoes resonantly; to better every touchpoint with elevated experience, expertise and execution so Ascot feels unique. Serviced Apartments, Wayside Amenities, Retail and Specialty Restaurants - this gamut of distinct facilities are a source of great pride for us. We are constantly working on creating more iconic brands and services that will meet the hospitality needs of our patrons. I look forward to bringing the Ascot experience to everyone and hope you will enjoy living them as much as we do crafting them.

So, come and experience the world of Ascot hospitality and service!

Sincerely Yours,
Vikram Bakshi