Step into a place where the combination of luxury and ethical living plays a central role – Step into the warm embrace of Savoy Suites in Noida. Our commitment here goes beyond just providing luxury accommodation; we proudly support the cause of sustainability.


Do you sometimes get into memories about dreams where luxury merges seamlessly with convenience? Well, your search ends here!


Welcome yourself into the world of unprecedented sophistication located right in Greater Noida’s center; welcome to deluxe Savoy Suites. Get ready for an extravagant getaway weekend as we highlight some of the secrets to making this luxurious abode a jewel in one’s crown.


Plan your dream destination wedding in Himachal Pradesh with our complete checklist. Ensure every detail is perfect for an unforgettable celebration.

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Explore the best hotels in Manesar for a perfect couple's getaway. Romantic retreats await, unveiling an enchanting escape for you and your loved one. Book your dream stay now!

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Experience the magic of destination weddings in Manesar. Create everlasting memories with a dreamy celebration amidst picturesque landscapes. Start planning now!


With the New Year just around the corner, searching for that ideal place to celebrate is reaching a fever pitch. If you want a New Year's Eve that will never be forgotten, come to Manesar and try the Savoy Suites. So, what is the secret of this amazing experience?

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Discover the convenience of extended stays with service apartments. Experience home-like comfort, amenities, and flexibility. Your perfect home away from home awaits!

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Escape to luxury at Savoy Suites Greater Noida! Unwind with exquisite amenities, delectable dining, and serene surroundings. Your perfect weekend retreat awaits.

Extended Stays: Why Serviced Apartments In Greater Noida Are the Ultimate Choice

Experience luxury redefined at Savoy Suites in Noida. Elevate your lifestyle with unparalleled comfort and sophistication. Discover a world of fine living.

Eco-Friendly Himachal Pradesh Weddings: Ideas for a Sustainable Celebration

Plan your dream wedding in Himachal Pradesh with eco-friendly tips for a sustainable celebration. Discover ideas to make your special day both memorable and kind to the environment. Get inspired today!

Finding Your Dream Venue: Resorts in Manesar for Wedding Bliss

Uncover your ideal wedding setting in Manesar's serene resorts. Experience pure bliss amidst nature's beauty. Find your dream venue today!

Extended Stays: Why Serviced Apartments In Greater Noida Are the Ultimate Choice

Experience the convenience and luxury of extended stays in Greater Noida with serviced apartments. Discover why they're your top choice for a home away from home. Book now for a delightful stay!

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Explore the amazing weddings at Savoy Suites Manesar! Find out about the luxury and unforgettable moments that await you on your special day. Book now for a magical experience!


Savoy Suites Manesar: Your Dream Destination Wedding Venue!

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Explore Savoy Green Jabli: A beautiful secret wedding spot in Himachal Pradesh where nature and rustic charm come together for your special day!


Hotels are the norm, but there is a hidden gem that many have yet to discover: serviced apartments. And when it comes to Greater Noida, the name that stands out above the rest is Savoy Suites.


Savoy Suites Manesar offers an escape to luxury and elegance that redefines the concept of a destination wedding.

Experience Unmatched Comfort and Luxury at Savoy Suites

Indulge in unmatched comfort and luxury at Savoy Suites, where every moment is a delight, and every stay is a memorable experience.

Savoy Greens Jabli - Where Love Blossoms Amidst Nature s Embrace

Savoy Greens, Jabli - Where love blossoms amidst nature's embrace, offering a serene and romantic backdrop for your special moments.

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Experience unforgettable destination weddings in Manesar, where our perfect resort ensures to enhance your big day with its impeccable offerings.

Savoy Suites Noida.

Savoy Suites Noida offers premium service apartments for rent and state-of-the-art conference rooms, making it the ideal destination for business and leisure.

Discover Unparalleled

Experience unmatched elegance and comfort in Greater Noida's premier accommodations, where luxury and relaxation await you at every turn.

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Create everlasting memories at Savoy Suites, winner of TripAdvisor's 2023 Travellers' Choice Award. Celebrate love with unforgettable weddings at our exquisite venue.

Best Hotels in Manesar

If you have made up your mind about spending your vacation in Manesar this season, you can have a luxurious stay at one of the best hotels in Manesar. Visit to know more.

Serviced Apartments in Greater Noida

Holidaymakers and business travellers frequently opt for luxury hotels in Greater Noida and Manesar as their preferred choice of accommodation. Visit here to know more.

Noida Service apartment

Premium serviced apartments in Noida introduce many advantages for travelers and business professionals. Choose one of the best Luxury Serviced Apartments in Noida to have an excellent experience indeed. Visit to know more.

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Serviced apartments do not sit well with you then you may also go with the option of Luxury Hotels In Greater Noida as there are a variety available indeed. Visit to know more.


Find one of the best banquet halls in Manesar going on the hunt for recommendations truly. Visit here to know more

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Premium serviced apartments introduce spacious and comfortable living spaces which are typically larger in comparison to hotel rooms. 


Book luxury hotels in Greater Noida: Luxury hotels can truly add to the reputation of a city in the form of a tourist and business destination. Book Now!

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To book an apartment in Noida is indeed a relatively straightforward process and there are many options available to you.

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These resorts introduce an array of facilities and amenities including swimming pools, spa services, conference rooms and restaurants.

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Serviced Apartments in Noida are priced at least 20% – 30% lower than the normal hotels and that makes them apt for longer stays. Visit us & book now!

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Book Savoy greens: Destination weddings are introducing a unique and unforgettable experience for both the couple as well as their guests.

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Savoy Suites are the most desirable wedding destinations in Manesar. You can also avail great offers when booking directly from their official websites. Book now!

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Savoy Suites Noida: Pamper yourself if you are on a break from work and travel at our premium serviced apartments in Noida today.

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If you are planning a destination wedding, choose Savoy Greens, Jabli, as your wedding venue in Himachal Pradesh to make your day an unforgettable memory.

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Savoy’s group of properties has implemented EV charging units at all our serviced apartments in Manesar, Noida, Greater Noida, Karnal and Himachal Pradesh,.

Savoy Suites Manesar Apartment Blog

Book apartment in Manesar: To book your own serviced apartments for rent in Gurgaon or meeting rooms for business events, choose Savoy Suites, Manesar, today!

EV Chargisng Statiq- Savoy Suites

EV Charging Stations in Manesar: An EV charging stations in Himachal Pradesh can elevate your hospitality property, providing guests and visitors with an amenity.

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After you appease your senses with some of our delicious gourmet selections, Manesar Resorts has also planned a bonfire on the 31st to welcome the New Year, 2023.

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A picture perfect pit-stop with food, accommodation, banquet & more!


With the New Year just around the corner, searching for that ideal place to celebrate is reaching a fever pitch. If you want a New Year's Eve that will never be forgotten, come to Manesar and try the Savoy Suites. So, what is the secret of this amazing experience?