Why are Premium Serviced Apartments in Noida Better than Hotels?

Noida Service apartment

Travellers seeking a superior alternative to standard hotels have developed a fondness and fascination for the Luxury Serviced Apartments in Noida. These lavish lodgings, also referred to as apartment hotels, are available in various designs and dimensions, catering to even the most selective and astute visitors. Over the years, wealthy and corporate-class tourists have come to appreciate many of the amenities and qualities of these opulent accommodations.

Listed below are some of the benefits of the Premium Serviced Apartments in Noida:

Adequate Living Space

Premium serviced apartments offer significantly more living space compared to hotels, comprising of a generous living room, dining area, well-equipped kitchen, and en-suite bathrooms. Guests can relish a homely ambiance within these spacious and chic accommodations, warding off homesickness.

More Affordable than Hotels

Staying at serviced apartments in Noida can be notably cheaper, by about 25-30%, in comparison to hotels. Guests can opt for renting these apartments on a daily or monthly basis, with rates available on a fixed daily, weekly, monthly, or extended stay periods. This is particularly advantageous for guests seeking prolonged luxurious stays.

Better Privacy

Typically, luxury serviced apartments in Noida feature a smaller number of units, ensuring ample privacy for guests who value seclusion. In fact, the finest serviced apartments often have only a single apartment per floor, creating a more intimate and personalized ambiance for guests.

Much More Peaceful

Most of the serviced apartments are situated in serene and verdant regions of the city, while still being in close proximity to bustling shopping and entertainment districts, typically just a few minutes away. Moreover, serviced apartments are significantly less crowded than hotels, thus providing a more tranquil and noise-free environment.

Self Cooking is Easy and Convenient

If you are weary of eating out or relying on takeout, you can satisfy your cravings by whipping up your favorite dishes in the kitchen of these serviced apartments. These accommodations feature contemporary kitchen appliances such as microwave ovens, cooking hobs, and full-sized refrigerators, empowering guests to prepare meals to their liking.

Modern Facilities

The bedrooms in premium serviced apartments are equipped with air conditioning, large LED TVs offering satellite channels, and modern bathrooms with fittings. Furthermore, unlike several hotels, the apartments are outfitted with amenities such as round-the-clock hot water supply, washing machines, and more, to ensure guests' comfort and fulfil their needs.

Secure & Safe Living

Female travelers, in particular, tend to appreciate this specific aspect of serviced apartments. Serviced apartments typically offer enhanced security measures, often equalling or surpassing those of hotels, as access to the apartments is restricted to a smaller group of people. Along with the presence of CCTV surveillance, security personnel are also stationed on-site, instilling a sense of safety and reassurance among guests.

Summing Up

We trust that you have gained a deeper comprehension of why luxury serviced apartments in Noida surpass hotels. Why not book one today and experience a tranquil and rejuvenating vacation in North India?