Destination Weddings in Manesar: A Dreamy Celebration

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Are you dreaming of a wedding that transports you and your guests to a magical realm of luxury and enchantment?

Look no further than the charming town of Manesar, where Ascot Hospitality unveils a haven of exquisite accommodations at Savoy Suites.
In the wedding dream world, in which love is king and enchantment is required up front, Manesar becomes a magical destination for couples to paint their matrimonial Matisse. Set amidst the lush greens of Haryana, Manesar is a symbol of destination weddings.

It peels the eyelids back to reveal how magic has been spun into Manesar's wedding resorts and venues, tempting couples on a whimsical journey beyond ordinary celebrations. Come with us to discover the true spirit of Manesar wedding venues where love and luxury converge, hearts are touched, and dreams take flight.

Planning Your Dreamy Celebration

Manesar is no exception, and destination weddings require meticulous planning. Work with experienced local wedding planners who will bring your dreams to life. Their knowledge of the local scene and contacts with top providers allow you to focus on the excitement at this time before your wedding.

Capturing Eternal Moments

Such a dreamy celebration certainly deserves to be recorded in stunning photographs. The beautiful backdrop of Manesar adds a touch of charm to your pre-wedding and wedding photo shoot. Employ celebrated photographers to portray your love set amidst the enchanting landscape of Manesar.

Adding Local Flavors to Your Menu

Food is an integral part of the celebration, and Manesar offers a culinary trip that will have your mouth watering. Work with caterers hailing from local flavors, and add some of the richness of Haryana's cuisine to your wedding menu.

Creating Lasting Memories

Beyond the ceremony, destination weddings at Manesar wedding venues have a lasting influence on both you and your guests. Host activities like nature walks, spa retreats, and cultural excursions to make your guests 'stay more enjoyable.

Manesar Wedding Resorts: Where Dreams Take Flight

With its renowned customer satisfaction, Ascot Hospitality is proud to bring itself not only to Delhi but now even into the very heart of Manesar wedding resorts. Exquisitely designed aesthetic accommodations at their Savoy Suites blend luxury with comfort. The vow is to provide 'the finest in hoteling,' where high-class meets the snugness and warmth of home away from home.

Adorned with ultra-modern amenities and facilities, our suites are incarnations of decadence. They redefine the concept of hospitality. From well-appointed rooms to courteous staff, every moment of your stay at Savoy Suites is simply extraordinary.

Amidst this captivating atmosphere, Savoy Suites watches as a beacon of luxury from the great hall for your wedding banquet. Thanks to our emphasis on excellence, your wedding is not just a celebration but one that will last in the hearts and minds of you and your guests long after this day.


If you are imagining a destination wedding, which is both luxurious and comfortable but with that dreamy feel of Manesar wrapped into it all--that's Savoy Suites. Fill your wedding with the flowers and romance of Manesar's dreamlike resorts. Now is the time to make your dream wedding into reality at Savoy Suites, where every moment has been carefully designed for astonishment.