Hitting the REFRESH button

Introducing the new identity for Ascot Hospitality & its brands, Savoy Suites & Savoy Greens

Ascot Hospitality  (formerly known as Ascot Hotels & Resorts Ltd.) dates back to 1995 and has been a discerning name in the hospitality and the real estate category. With an array of brands that provide unique experiences, from Premium Serviced Apartments - Savoy Suites, Destination Wayside Services - Savoy Greens to Bespoke Estates - Tullahmore Estate, each property aims to offer the apex of hospitality by being present in convenient locations and offering services, facilities and amenities that feel ‘definitive’.

While on one hand we had internationally exposed visionaries on the team who had been wanting to bring a strong sense of customer satisfaction, accessibility and meaningful spaces beyond conventional accommodations to the front, on the other hand, the visual personality of the brand, its mission and reasons to believe were feeling a bit dated and no more in line with this vision.

Above everything, our aim of bringing international comforts and way-of-living to India in a bespoke yet familiar way was not reflecting in our current digital landscape and the same would not have left a sharp impression in the current global competitive landscape either.

The aim was therefore to create brands that come across as exactly what they are, as creating memories and offering experiences that truly feel different.

Our first step was to contrast and benchmark ourselves against industry leaders. An initial vision discussion amongst all key stakeholders brought us to a common ground of what was missing.

This in turn not only helped us arrive at a positioning we could now take forward but also the RTB we could live up to.

Upon reflecting back on things, we had done, all our endeavours echoed a sense of purpose, modernity and consciousness. Thus, these became the core value pillars of creating new identities for the parent brand and all that lie under its umbrella

The core idea was to reflect the following in each of these brands:

• Ascot Hospitality

1. Ascot Hospitality - To understand what it is that you might be looking for so we commit ourselves to serving you with an experience that turns your expectations into a happy discovery

Ascot Hospitality

• Savoy Suites

Savoy Suites 1

2. Savoy Suites - To reflect that light, nature and ease form more than our foundation – they are also the embodiment of everything you see. To help rediscover the feeling of home.

• Savoy Greens

3. Savoy Greens - Stopover and more. To create these destinations in themselves both in form and function.

Savoy Greens 1

• Tullahmore Estate

Tullahmore Estate

4. Tullahmore Estate - A true slice of heaven reflected by its history and serene surroundings. The verdant vines, and nostalgic scripture invite you to a space that feels like travelling back in time.

But above all to create ‘the world of Ascot’  under whose umbrella the current brands can thrive and make room for newer ones.


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