Savoy Suites & Greens – Moving towards green travel with an EV charging facility

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The bustling city of Noida is a commercial hub and home to some of the world's most prominent corporate names and also has many tourist attractions. With the region's growing business sector, Noida attracts many local, national, and international business personnel daily.

Given the importance of such a prominent location and its significance to the business sector, there is always an influx of guests at hotels and other accommodations in the region. Moreover, with its proximity to the nation’s capital, and a good network of national highways, a road trip is the best option for most people traveling to Noida and adjoining regions.

Savoy Suites, Noida

Savoy Suites, Noida, provides world-class amenities, flawless customer service, and delicious food at our serviced apartments in Greater Noida and Noida. With premium luxury rooms equipped with central AC, bathtubs, TV, in-house safe, laundry services, and a multi-cuisine restaurant that delights your taste buds, the serviced apartments for rent in Noida are perfect when you travel for business or pleasure.

Taking a step further towards tourism that enables affordable transportation and lower carbon emissions simultaneously, With the addition of EV charging at our serviced apartments for rent in Noida, our guests can now charge their vehicles during their stay with us.

EV charging units – A move towards sustainable tourism

As the effect of greenhouse gases and carbon footprint rises, there is a need to change to reliable energy sources for sustainable tourism. With erratic climate changes and weather conditions wreaking havoc globally, it is high time that we reconsider our dependence on fossil fuels.

As a seasoned leader in the industry, Ascot Hospitality recognizes the need for sustainable transportation in prominent regions like Noida and Gurgaon. To ensure convenience and affordable transport, we have introduced an EV charging facility for our guests at all our Savoy properties for charging their electric and hybrid vehicles. Serving our patrons with excellent service and customer satisfaction for over two decades, Savoy Suites, Noida, is here to create a wholesome example of sustainable hospitality by incorporating efficient energy solutions.

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