Ascot’s Savoy Suites and Greens – Making an eco-conscious change with EV charging units

Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining significant momentum, and more and more people are gradually switching to electric vehicles. However, one of the limiting factors for an electric vehicle is the lack of a charging network infrastructure. This makes long weekend trips nearly impossible in an EV unless there are charging stations on your planned route.

Therefore, it gives us great pleasure to declare that Ascot Hospitality has taken the initiative of providing EV charging units at our Savoy Suites in Gurgaon, Manesar, Himachal Pradesh, and Karnal. Even though EV charging units are rare in India, we view this as an opportunity to find sustainable solutions which help fellow travellers and do our bit to help the environment.

The typical EV charging unit
In its simplest form, an EV charging unit uses electricity from a regular 240V outlet or a grid and delivers it to cars. Using an EV charging unit is as easy as plugging in the toaster and switching it on. Plug in the cord to the EV charger, connect it to the vehicle and wait for it to charge.

EV Chargisng Statiq- Savoy Suites

EV charging stations for green travellers at Savoy Suites and Savoy Greens
Keeping in mind the necessities of our clients and making this transition seamless, we have successfully partnered with reliable service providers to make EV charging convenient and affordable. Ascot intents to be part of the initiative by making EV charging a mainstream component within the hospitality sector.

All our EV units are suited for hybrid and fully electric vehicles. Plug in the charger to recharge your vehicle and enjoy your leisure in peace. Be it a business trip or a casual getaway, our serviced apartments at Savoy Suites and Greens have taken great care to incorporate EV charging as a part of our extended service for our esteemed patrons during their stay.

Savoy Suites and Savoy Greens - Making tourism sustainable with EV charging units
There is great enthusiasm for EVs, and frequent travellers are adopting the greener route day by day. Therefore, for the eco-conscious traveller who enjoys taking long, leisurely road trips in the North, we have installed EV Charging Stations in Himachal Pradesh at our Savoy Suites to recharge their vehicles while they catch some R&R.

Further, to widen the reach of green transportation, we have also installed EV Charging Stations in Karnal at our properties in Savoy Greens. For our patrons who travel for business, the EV Charging Stations in Manesar at Savoy Suites allow easy access to all. In contrast, the EV Charging Stations in Gurgaon make long trips easy within the city and its outskirts.

We endeavour to meet the expectation of our patrons with such continued efforts in bringing affordable transportation and efficiency during your stay with us. Plan your stay with us by booking your apartment at or contact us at +91 11 4762 2500 today.